Part #: BAAA-3548-KIT

• Complete Rebuilding Kit

Kit Includes

• (1) Gasket Set
• (2) Worm Gear Bearings
• (1) Upper Bearing Race
• (1) Lower Bearing Race
• (1) Sector Oil Seal
• (2) Sector Bushings
• (1) Steering Worm Gear
• (1) Steering Sector Gear
EA (1)
This Package Includes: Quantity:
Steering Worm Gear Bearing - 1936-60 Ford Truck, 1936-57 Ford Car, 1939-47 Ford Tractor 68-3571-A 2
Steering Box Gasket Set - 1948-60 Ford Truck 7C-3581 1
Steering Sector Shaft Bushing - 1953-56 Ford Truck 81T-3576-A 2
Steering Gear Bearing Cup - 1937-52 Ford Truck, 1937-57 Ford Car 8A-3553 1
Steering Sector Shaft Seal - 1953-60 Ford Truck, 1956-57 Ford Car 8M-3591 1
Steering Gear Bearing Cup - 1929-57 Ford Car, 1939-47 Ford Tractor B-3552 1
STEERING WORM GEAR LESS SHAFT - 1953-60 Ford Truck B7C-3524-X 1
STEERING SECTOR GEAR REPAIR KI - 1953-60 Ford Truck B7C-3575-X 1

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Cheaper to buy the parts individually

Buyer beware. If you total up the cost of buying the parts individually it is cheaper to buy them individually by around $20.
Also other vendors have the kit for about the same price and it includes the column shaft. Unless you are a pro, you will not get the replacement worm gear on the old shaft. I pro will charge $100 for that job. Save a ton of money and buy from Mac's or MidFifty. I lost $15 in shipping because I didn't catch their deception. I emailed them asking about it and no response. When I talked to them on the phone, they said they just handled returns and it was a web site issue.
by Joe Kirby
on 04-04-2019



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