Water Pump - Right Hand - 1937-47 Ford Truck, 1937-48 Ford Car

Part #: 78-8501-N

• Right Hand
**Order a pair and Save $$ 78-8501-PR • Includes mounting gaskets
• Manufactured by Dennis Carpenter
Our pump housings are new castings (not rebuilds) guaranteeing that there are no coolant-leaking stress cracks. Each housing's mounting surface is machined straight & true ensuring water-tight sealing when mounted to your flathead. DOUBLED ROW SEALED BALL BEARINGS
Original water pump impeller shafts relied on bronze bushings as bearings & were prone to premature wear. Our new pump shafts spin on double row ball bearings which extends pump life & decreases frictional heat. CERAMIC SEALS
Ceramic Seals have a greater resistance to wear which significantly reduces the possibility of leakage & prolongs the life of the pumps. HELICAL IMPELLER DESIGN
The angled arrangement of the impeller blades allows the coolant to flow faster through the radiator system at lower rpms. This results in a cooler running engine when operating at idle speed.

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