Windshield Seal - V Butted Glass - 1940-47 Ford Truck, 1940 Ford Car

Part #: 01A-7003110-VB

• 10 feet of our 1940 Windshield Seal Extrusion
• Extruded with Durable EPDM Rubber
• For Installing One Piece "V" Butted Glass
• Linear Extrusion Only - NOT Spliced

Note: Used when removing glass center division bar

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Application Data and Fitment
Make Model Body Style Notes Year
Ford Car All for "V" Butted Windshield ONLY 1940
Ford Truck - for "V" Butted Windshield ONLY 1940-47

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V-Butted Windshield Seal for 1940-47 Ford Truck and 1940 Ford Closed Cars

Dennis Carpenter's starts off making it's products with the highest quality raw materials or using the best pre-made products available. Through the entire manufacturing process it's our desire for our products to end up as good or better than the originals. This process includes us manufacturing our items to look period correct, made easy to install, to fit correctly, function properly, and last as they should.

One of these many items is our 1 piece V-Butted windshield seal for the 1940-47 Ford truck or 1940 Ford Closed Car. Over the years the weather elements caused these seals to dry rot, crack, or deteriorate which caused them to usually split at the molded corners. We went through the process to have new precision tooling made to manufacture this windshield seal to all the correct specifications so this seal is as correct as possible when costomizing and installing a V-Butted windshiend.

Dennis Carpenter Ford Restorations have been manufacturing and selling quality Ford parts for over 50 years! If you want the very best in Ford truck or Ford car parts, let Dennis Carpenter be your #1 source.

Are your windshield seals dry rotted, cracked, or leaking and converting your vehicle to a 1 piece winshield?
Order our windshield seal set for your 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, or 1947 Ford truck and 1940 Ford Closed Car

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