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Important Notice!


Your new Bronco body will arrive on a heavy steel pallet that provides shipping protection only. This pallet has 6 steel legs and can be moved with a forklift from the rear. The body is not perfectly leveled while on this pallet which can make seams and door jams appear misaligned. You must place your body on a Bronco frame that is true & level before attempting to align these areas. (see body to frame shimming guide in Bronco Body Owners Guide)

It is very important that upon receipt of your Bronco body that you inspect the body for any damages that may have been caused during shipping. All damage claims must be made before the driver has left your property! Failure to do so may void all damage claims.

Once you have taken possession of your new Bronco body, it is imperative that at no point do you move or lift the body from the shipping platform with the inner structure removed. The inner structure prevents the body from moving or flexing, which could damage body panels and welds. Please see information below & in your Bronco Body Owner's Guide for more detailed information.

If the following steps are not followed your warranty will be voided!

  • 1. It is required that the inner structure not be removed while on the shipping platform or during lifting from the shipping platform onto a Bronco frame. The inner structure can only be removed after the body is placed onto the frame.
  • 2. It is required that you set the Bronco body onto your Bronco frame while leaving the inner structure installed. Then check the eight different body to frame mount locations using new body mount bushings and properly shim any gaps before removing the inner structure. This serves as a good starting point for adjusting door gaps and doing panel alignment.

Coating / Primer

The coating on your body when received is not to be used as a primer.  Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts recommends that the protective primer be completely removed by bead blasting or similar method before any body work, priming, seam sealing, and painting procedures begin. Do not use liquid aircraft paint stripper and do not use any media/sand that could cause damage or panel warpage. We highly recommend that you hire a licensed professional auto body shop to prep and paint your body.

If using a rotisserie, you will have to mount the body on a Bronco frame before mounting to the rotisserie. You cannot mount a body directly to a rotisserie or damage will occur. It is not like a regular vehicle with a roof structure, there is very little support of the body in the middle section of the Bronco. The metal shipping pallet that your body is shipped on is not recommended to be used on the rotisserie because it also can have some flex in the middle section. Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts assumes no responsibility for paint or surface defects, paint failures including, but not limited to flaking, chipping, bubbling, rust, or other cosmetic issues resulting from applying final paint over an improperly prepared surface.


Panel Fitment

No panel fitment should be done on the shipping platform as it can flex or shift differently than a Bronco frame. If using a body cart for paint/body work, the body must be mounted to a Bronco frame and then attached to the body cart. (A Bronco body is not strong enough to support itself without a full frame under it). Failure to do so may result in improperly aligned panels and door gaps when placed on a Bronco frame. Door gaps are set at Dennis Carpenter while the body is on an original frame, which may slightly shift when transferred to the shipping platform. These gaps should align much better when placed back on a straight original Bronco frame.



It is crucial to have a frame shop verify the condition of your original frame before starting your build. After 40+ years of wear, tear, and abuse every original Bronco frame is slightly different. The frame changes over time from the weight of the body and engine. It is also common to see front frame horns twisted from engine torque. 
If there is any question we suggest ordering one of our new Kincer Chassis frames to avoid body fitment problems. Please see the Bronco Body Owner's Guide for more information or call us with any questions.
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A Dennis Carpenter employee will reach out to you to confirm shipping address, recipient address hours and forklift availability upon receipt of this agreement.

If you have questions concerning this agreement please contact us via phone or email located at the bottom of this page.

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