1967-72 Ford Truck Tailgate Part Number Description C7TZ-9940700-A Tailgate C4TZ-99431C78-B Latch Release Handle Mounting Plate Zinc Plated C4TZ-99431C78-SS Latch Release Handle Mounting Plate Stainless Steel C4TZ-99431C78-KIT Release Handle Mounting Plate Crush Nuts 52363-S4 Latch Release Handle Mounting Plate Screws C4TZ-99431B82-A Latch Release Handle Zinc Plated C4TZ-99431B82-SS Latch Release Handle Stainless Steel C4TZ-99431D72-S Tailgate Release Lever & Pivot Bolt Assembly 377342-KIT Tailgate Handle Pivot Bolt Washer Kit 380369-S Tailgate Release Handle Rubber Bumper C4TZ-99431A78-PR Tailgate Release Rods C4TZ-99431D76-A Tailgate Latch - Right or Left Hand C4TZ-99431B54-A Tailgate Body Latch C4TZ-9943000-A Tailgate Hinge - Right or Left Hand 20388-S Tailgate Hinge Bolt C4TZ-9944400-A Tailgate Support

Years and fitment below do not reflect all models and styles. For exact fit see the Product Page by clicking More Info.
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