Officially Ford Licensed Products:

Reproduction parts that display a Ford trademark recognition and meet the quality standards established by Ford are authorized as Official Licensed Products. These products are made from other than Ford tooling and can be manufactured in the continental U.S. or world wide. These products also incur a royalty fee that is paid to Ford by licensee of the products.

Original Ford Tooling:

Original Ford Tooling refers to now obsolete tools that Ford Motor Company once used to mass produce the parts necessary to assemble their automotive line. The surviving tools are reinstated into production and resume making parts for the reproduction market.

These obsolete tools include metal stamping progressive dies, transfer dies, line dies and roller dies. Original Ford Tooling can also include injection molds that are used to make plastic and rubber parts.

A major benefit of reproduction parts made from original tooling is the inherent accuracy they posses since they are made from the original tools.

Two key figures responsible for developing the Original Ford Tooling program were Robert Hoeksema, then Vice President of Sales of Ford Component Sales and Dennis Carpenter, president of Carpenter Industries. In June of 2000, Carpenter Industries officially became the first licensee to use obsolete Ford tooling to reproduce classic Ford restoration parts.

It is a fact that all Original Ford Tooling parts made by Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts are made in the U.S.A.
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