1968-76 Early Ford Bronco Tub Owner's Manual


You've ordered your 1968-76 Ford Bronco Body Tub from Dennis Carpenter Ford, so now what?  First, let us congratulate you on starting your Bronco rebuild with the best reproduction body on the market.  You've got the most important decision out of the way and are ready to get started but you've got to get your new body to your shop.

What's so important about unpacking your new Bronco Body?

Setting your build up for success is crucial.  It is very easy for a body tub to shift, move and even weaken the body's rigidity during transport and unpacking.  

Your Bronco body tub is secured to a custom-made shipping platform specifically designed to transport it safely. The body is also strengthened with inner reinforcements and a windshield frame support.  The inner reinforcements are essential to maintaining the body’s rigidity and must remain bolted in place during any moving or lifting of the body while it is not mounted to a frame. Failure to do so will compromise the body structure and will cause damage.

Any time the body is to be moved it should be picked up by the shipping platform until it is ready to be mounted to a Bronco frame. Should you discover any shipping damage, notify the driver and carrier immediately so the proper claim may be filed. If additional components were shipped inside your Bronco body, remove them before attempting to remove the body from the shipping platform.

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Using a Forklift to move your new Bronco Body?

Every Bronco body tub is delivered bolted to a tubular custom steel shipping platform.  The platform has been designed to receive forklift forks from the tailgate end of the platform.  An additional inner reinforcement is bolted to the interior and must remain secured to the body even after the body has been moved from the shipping platform.

Lifting the Body from the Shipping Platform
The body tub is secured to the platform with 8 bolts: two (2) at the front at the bottom of the radiator support on both sides, two (2) at the front main floor braces in the forward floor board area on both sides, two (2) in the seat riser area on both sides and two (2) at the rear bed floor on both sides. Remove all 8 bolts and the body tube will be free from the shipping platform. The body tub weighs 650 lbs and can be lifted successfully with a forklift, 2-post lift, or overhead lift.

Fork Lift
Open doors and insert forks under reinforcement bars on both left and right sides.  Lift straight up.

Two Post Lift
You must position 2 lifting pads on the bottom of the inner rocker panel under the "A" pillar (front door jamb) and 2 lifting pads on the bottom of the inner rocker directly under the "B" pillar (rear door jamb).

Overhead Lift
Attach 4 lifting straps or chains to the inner reinforcement bars.  Two lift points are very close to the "A" pillar (front door jamb) and 2 lift points are very close to the "B" pillar (rear door jamb).


1968-76 Early Ford Bronco Tub Owner's Manual
Unpacking and Moving Your Body

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